(Motion + Print + Web) Designer

I’m a Creative Director / Motion Designer / UI Designer / Teacher / Speaker … essentially a Unicorn in training.


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Some animated stories I created using a traditional Caribbean character.


A celebration of those creatives helping to make the world make sense.



Hear my Thoughts

The Future Will Not Be Multiple Choice.
(But it does eat boogers).

Delivered at TEDxCC 2012 along with elementary school mastermind Jaime McGrath.

Playing with Labels

Delivered at the inaugural TEDx Creative Coast, this quick romp through my thoughts on creativity, takes a look at the labels that both make life more user-friendly as well as limit our thinking.

My War on Stupid

A call to arms for all digital creatives and sense-makers to use their powers for good not evil. This presentation, done with journalist Patrick Rodgers, was originally delivered at Geekend 2010 in Savannah GA, and has been presented at the Association for Psychological Type conference in San Francisco, the Direct Marketers Association conference in Boston as well as at SoConn 2012 at Kennesaw State University.


Why the Caribbean Needs a Creative Revolution

Creatives, especially in the Caribbean, are known more for the outcome of their skills, but this is a call for them to see the peculiar way they think as a severaly underutilized natural resource. A talk given at the Rex Nettleford Arts Conference 2011 at the Edna Manley College of the Visual and the Performing Arts.